How to protect Tesla Model S Wheels.

The best way to protect your Tesla Model S wheels is to simply be careful. But sometimes that's not enough. You may be in a rush when parallel parking, pulling onto tracks at a car wash, at a restaurant drive-through, or at a drive-up bank ATM lane. Or, it may just be an everyday close-quarters parking lot you rush into when parking -- you hear that scraping sound on the curb and you know there is trouble. You open your Model S door, look down, and there it is... unsightly "curb rash" on your Model S wheel.

 tesla model s curb rash wheel bands

Scraping or scuffing your rims may lower resale value, look messy, or worse -- cost you time and money (sometimes hundreds of dollars). The Model S is a particularly wide vehicle which often makes it tight-to-park.  In addition, its rims are somewhat flush with the tire which expose them to the many perils of parking. Cases of "curb rash" were a major concern early-on for Model S owners so when we launched EVannex we decided to test and evaluate a few options in order to better protect your beautiful wheels.

We found the best solution was Wheel Bands. This unique product is like having a 5 MPH bumper for your wheels. It's track and insert come in variable color options to custom-design a sporty performance look or a more camouflage-style all-black application that blends into the wheel itself. Check out this Model S owner showcasing his Wheel Bands and his rationale for getting a better wheel "defense" for his Tesla...


As seen above, this Model S owner chose a red pinstripe-style configuration to accentuate the wheel assembly; other owners also couple this look with our red Caliper Covers to add a racing look to the vehicle. Wheel Bands are designed for easy installation (often done by local automotive aftermarket tint and wrap shops) or by DIY'ers due to the straightforward procedure. Check out this Wheel Bands installation on a new Tesla Model S to see the process in action.


So, with a simple prescription of careful driving and proper wheel protection, you'll be less likely to come down with a bad case of "curb rash" -- ahhhh... just what the doctor ordered. Check out Wheel Bands for more information...

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