Good Music, Teslas, Hot Sun, and Cool Wheels

What a great weekend! We attended another wonderful Florida Tesla Enthusiasts club event here in South Florida at the Sunset Cove Ampitheater (in Boca Raton). Along with a packed car show, the event featured a live concert featuring "Big Vince and the Phat Cats" - a funky five-piece blues band. For the club, the event had a pre-arranged, reserved area for Tesla parking in a beautiful scenic location overlooking the water.

Here are some photos (see below) from the event. We talked Tesla and one thing was striking: many Model S owners were also on the waiting list for the forthcoming Model X. Also, a few owners had already "upgraded" to a dual motor "D" Model S. And, there happened to be an amazing display of cool wheels and wheel mods going on...

Photos from top to bottom: Teslas pulling up to the event, parking by a scenic water view, a grey Model S featuring TST Wheels for 19s in metallic grey, a Model S with factory paint applied to their 19s, chrome aftermarket wheels, TS117 Wheels with Wheel Bands.

 Florida tesla enthusiasts club
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tesla model s aftermarket TST wheels
tesla model s aftermarket ts117 wheels
tesla model s aftermarket s117 wheels with red wheel bands