Instagram Gallery: Mysterious and cool Tesla images

Yes, we're proud to be closing in on 1,000 Instagram followers. And, although you can find us on virtually all social media channels (see buttons in our footer), Instagram remains a favorite as we consistently stumble across cool and sometimes mysterious Tesla images. In fact, we were treated to a "sneak preview" of both the Model X and the Tesla Energy Powerpack on Instagram long before most. We often try to repost images that might be worth checking out if you're a Tesla owner, investor, or fan.

However, most recently, we've come across a number of images that deserve a "repost" on our blog. So we're featuring a fun Instagram gallery below for you to check out.  Photos and descriptions follow below...

From top to bottom, 1. Tesla Model S "Hot Wheels" - quite a spoiler and they look to have red Wheel Bands installed, 2. Tesla part that we'd love to repurpose into a James Bond-style storage trunk/case 3. Tesla-branded charging hardware in Asia, 4. We like that the new blue color from Tesla is called "Ocean" but... this Model S really appears to be wrapped in crystal blue ocean water.

 Tesla Model S instagram gallery wheel bands
Tesla model s instagram gallery james bond storage trunk case
Tesla Model S charging hardware in Asia
Tesla Model S wrapped in crystal blue ocean water

Source, Instagram (from top to bottom): @irfan_nasri16, @b_cosmo_, @allisonhammerphoto, @yang_sh_cn

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