Spy Shots: Tesla testing tow capability, wheels, and sensors

Posted on May 05, 2015 by Matt Pressman

As the Model X draws closer to a production-ready vehicle this summer, it appears that Tesla Motors may be testing some possible features associated with the much-anticipated SUV. In some mysterious photos posted on Reddit, there appears to be some unusual images of the Tesla Model S equipped with extra "equipment" that could be, and this is purely hypothetical, special hardware testing for the Model X. Then again, it might just be some DIY aftermarket mods from Model S tinkerers out there. Nevertheless, no one seems to own up to what's really going on here. So, we'll let you decide...

Tesla model s tow capabilities  
tesla model s wheel testing
tesla model s windshield sensor hardware
tesla model s rear window sensor hardware monitoring

Source: Reddit, (from top to bottom) slev7n, 110110, silasoverturf, silasoverturf

The first two images appear to have some kind of contraption monitoring the wheels while testing the tow capability and roof rack/weight. The bottom two images appear to have some unique sensor hardware located towards the top of both the windshield and rear window. Perhaps this could be the sensor suite that may be utilized in the Model X?

Interestingly, a few weeks back, another "spy" video surfaced showing a camouflaged Model X veering on and off the highway shoulder which could have been some sensor suite testing related to lane departure capability...


Source: Youtube, Yann Kerherve

In any event, we're looking forward to seeing some never-seen-before innovation promised for the Tesla Model X. Our interest was especially piqued ever since Bloomberg first reported Tesla CEO Elon Musk announcing: “The X will have a step beyond what we’re currently shipping on the autonomous front... there are a whole bunch of things about the X that have not been revealed.”

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