Spy video uncovers Tesla Model X design details

Early prototypes of the Tesla Model X showcased a design style quite different from the Model S. However, some recent footage filmed in the Palo Alto area shows a Model X with similar "traits" to the Model S -- especially inside the interior. This is our first (and newest) peek into the interior and it appears that the "floating" touchscreen seen prior in the prototype Model X, has been redesigned to fit under the top "hood" of the dash similar to the Model S (see first image below).


On the exterior, we also see (what appears to be) similar chrome design details and flush door handles, along with straked foglight housings and "regular" side mirrors (instead of the rumored mini-side cameras). 

For those anxiously awaiting the Model X, some good news -- during Tesla's Q1 earnings conference call last week, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the Model X should be available (to configure) on Tesla’s website by July, with initial deliveries late Q3. Musk commented: "I drove the latest prototype of it today and it was, like, wow, this is by far the best SUV. He continued: "Performance is surreal...nothing to compare it to.” 

Musk also confirmed on the earnings call that Tesla is currently operating a “captive fleet of hundreds” of Model X release candidates. All images (seen above) are stills taken from the vehicle spotted in this "spy video" which (we presume) could be one of the Model X release candidates, see below...


Source: Youtube'er nbkagzw13

In the video, we also see 21" grey turbine wheels similar to those currently available on the Model S although recent spy videos have also been seen with different wheel designs.

In any event, we hope to catch another glimpse of the Model X. Our interest was especially peaked on its interior design ever since Musk explained prior that, "what we're aiming for with the Model X is that when you open the falcon-wing door, you have the second row seats essentially framed and we want that to feel like a work of art. If you open up the door it should be this amazing experience. I mean, it may sound a bit silly, but it should just feel like 'ahh!' [laughs] ... I mean it's just the seat but we want the seat to be like a work of art, like something you could have in a museum."