French Family Business Supports Tesla

In 1967, a young refrigeration engineer, Claude Bourquin, recognized the opportunity to start an air conditioning business. Almost 20 years later, he passed the business, Clim Denfert Bourquin, on to his two children, Gilles and Stephanie Bourquin. The business has grown and established showrooms in both Paris and Cannes. We, at EVannex, can appreciate this story as it reflects our own evolving story as a family business. My father, also an engineer, started EVannex in 2012. And, this week, my brother Michael will be moving from Los Angeles to join me as (now) both sons will be working diligently with their Dad to grow our family business.

We took special interest in Gilles after he placed multiple orders for so many different products in our store. It turns out that Gilles has two Tesla Model S vehicles that are used for the business. We have so many customers that have multiple Teslas in their business (or family -- in this case, both!) and we love to complement their vehicles with some of our popular products. Gilles sent us some photos after installing a few of our products.

From top to bottom: 1. Gilles' newest white Tesla Model S (awaiting some cool aftermarket mods from us, just ordered) parked in front of Clim Denfert; 2. Gilles' older black Model S (being charged) already has many of our mods which we'll highlight in the other featured photos; 3. Accent-E carbon fiber applique on top part (surrounding emblem) of the nose cone; 4. Accent-E carbon fiber applique on B-Pillar; 5. Accent-E carbon fiber applique on door handle; 6. Accent-E carbon fiber applique on lower body side molding and (to the right side of that photo) Black/Black Wheel Bands to protect his powder coated black 19s; 7. Black/Carbon Fiber Center Console Insert shown in Gilles' interior.


Source: photos taken by Gilles Bourquin

As a side note, we've noticed an increase in orders from France as Tesla sales seems to be ramping up across the country. Interestingly, we recently saw a video Tesla Motors produced showing a Tesla rally across France, we wish we could've been there...


In any event, we thank Gilles for supporting Tesla Motors and our own growing, family business here at EVannex!