Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 7

Looks like we got the scoop on another Model X spy shot. And, this week, we've also got celebrities, elegance, mountains, and horses in our Tesla Eye Candy exhibition. Check out these one-of-a-kind images all over the world of Tesla...

From top to bottom: 1. Looks like someone caught another glimpse of the upcoming Tesla Model X; 2. Matte Grey Tesla with new wheels, even that horse can tell the Model S has serious horsepower; 3. An elegant evening on the town for Model S; 4. Is that Indiana Jones or Han Solo — both, that’s Harrison Ford getting into his Tesla Model S; 5. What a magnificent view for this Model S supercharging in Sedane, Norway

Instagram: @motormickey, @mylesmarie, @theurbanmermaid_, @teslarama, @teslamoment

We uncovered something pretty cool for this week's featured video. Could you actually power your Tesla with just footsteps? It appears this company, Pavegen, is working on a new technology that could hold promise for “smart city" charging on high traffic walkways/sidewalks. Take a look...


Youtube: Pavegen

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