Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 6

This week we take you on a tour all over (even to Legoland) in search of impressive Tesla imagery. The Tesla Eye Candy series always focuses unique, beautiful, and remarkable Tesla images that we come across during our digital travels. Enjoy!

From top to bottom: 1. A look inside the Tesla pop-up at Cribs Causeway location in the UK; 2. Check out this new Tesla Taxi in the 407 year old heart of Quebec City; 3. Very cool blue vinyl wrap shown proudly on this Tesla; 4. Model S driving inside the world's longest road tunnel - Lærdalstunnelen. 24,5 km (15,2 mi); 5. Using 1,248 parts, check out this amazing lego-replica of the Tesla Gigafactory


Source, Instagram: @joestanding@teslataxi, @hui_rose, @tourdeuropeelectric; Flickr user: Arthuriel Aurillion

This week, our Tesla Eye Candy video shows off the new liquid cooled supercharger that Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed at the Shareholder Meeting last week. Youtube'er KManAuto visited the Supercharger station in Mountain View, California and used a thermal imaging video to show off the new liquid-cooled charging cables in action. These new cables are thinner and more supple/flexible, making them them easier to handle in all-weather conditions. The big bonus: they give the ability to increase charging rates without overheating the cable. 


Source, Youtube: KManAuto

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