Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 9

This week we celebrate Tesla Eye Candy with images ranging from a July 4th tribute (for those here in the U.S.) to the European Model S owners who drove many miles to celebrate 1 Billion Tesla miles driven company milestone. As always, we feature beautiful images and video (this week from a drone) to capture the world of Tesla.

From top to bottom: 1. Happy July 4th holiday wishes, the American-made Model S showing its stars and stripes at an Annapolis parade; 2. Tesla Powerwall shows up at the Spark Awards 2015; 3. Looks like bike company “Specialized” has a specialized, modified Tesla, very cool; 4. This Tesla taxi wins the gold for coolest modified aftermarket TST wheels; 5. Celebrating 1 Billion miles driven, European drivers participate on an impressive Superchargered road rally to (final stop) Amsterdam


Instagram: @pstar135, @dorotheexploro, @gjermundr, @teslataxi, @haavardhana

For this week's Tesla Eye Candy featured video, we found some amazing Tesla Model S film footage captured by a drone. According to youtube'er danesdrone, "The king of electric cars and the champion of quadcopters pair up to bring to you an awesome video! The DJI Inspire captures the Tesla's adventure across Utah—illustrating the electric car's incredible range. Watch as danesdrone capture the sheer sex appeal of the Tesla!"


Youtube: danesdrone

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