Skateboarding, Tattoos, and Electric Cars [Tesla Eye Candy 49]

Those often seen as anti-establishment might choose skateboarding, tattoos, and... yes, electric cars. It's subversive to say no to the gas pump. Tattoo Artist extraordinaire Kat Von D, star of LA Ink, gave some praise to Tesla Motors and received over 50,000 likes on Instagram. She and the love of her life, Steve O, who got his start in skateboarding magazine Big Brother then went on to daredevil fame on MTV's Jack***, love their new Model S. Check out the Tesla love below. We also bring you some other great Tesla Eye Candy images from Instagram, scroll down below for our gallery...

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In our feature Tesla Eye Candy video showcase, check out pro skateboarder, Mike Mo Capaldi, showing off the Tesla Autopark feature in a rather tricky maneuver. He writes in his video description, "Testing out the new firmware update from Tesla. Parking cars is so 2015." And he's not the only pro skateboarder with a Model S, it turns out skate-legend Tony Hawk made a video showing off the back-up camera claiming: "There are some incredible innovations on the Tesla Model S, but the HD backup camera has untapped potential. This use is probably what the designers had in mind all along." Check out their videos below, just don't try this at home...

Youtube: Mike Mo Capaldi; RIDE Channel

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