Tesla Motors Club Conference, TMC Connect, is growing

As a founding sponsor of this marquis event in its first year, it's been so fantastic to see the Tesla Motors Club conference, TMC Connect, grow over the past three years! Although we don't have exact numbers, it appeared that the conference doubled its attendance from last year. This is indicative of just how fast Tesla is growing -- and how passionate owners are about driving electric in their Model S and Roadsters. Many attendees mentioned that they'd already made their deposit and reserved their Tesla Model X.  This all points to the loyalty and passion that Tesla owners feel towards the company and it's mission.

There were Tesla factory tours, parties, panels, and seminars to keep everyone busy during the weekend. In our sponsor exhibition area, we were fortunate to meet owners from Australia, China, Europe, and all over the U.S. Many of the aftermarket products we feature on our site were well-represented at the show, including a first-look at some of our Coming Soon accessories. We were also humbled by the incredible support, encouraging feedback, and piqued interest our customers (and new customers) communicated to us during the show. As a growing family business, we really believe that our customers are like our family. And meeting so many folks face-to-face makes our mission -- "making the perfect car, perfect for you" -- so much more enjoyable and fun. So, we wanted to extend a huge thank you to all our customers!!

From top to bottom: 1. Founder (and my Dad) Roger in front of the Tesla Factory before our amazing factory tour; 2. that's me next to the Tesla Factory's Model S security vehicle, very cool; 3. American Aerokit premiere; 4. beautiful Carbon Fiber Sports Package with many aftermarket wheel options on display; 5. BBS UP-01 wheels... looking so good; 6. Seated in front of our super-popular Center Console Insert (CCI) products


In addition, we were very fortunate to connect with Byron and Martin whose tireless work at Tesla Club Belgium has made it one of the largest Tesla clubs in the world. We were especially thrilled to receive a personal invite to attend their amazing Tesla World conference in Europe. More details will be forthcoming...


Above (from left to right): Father and son, Roger and Matt (me) from EVANNEX with Martin and Byron from Tesla Club Belgium

Again, we want to thank everyone for a wonderful weekend and we're looking forward to more (and bigger) events as the Tesla community grows.