BBS 21" UP-01 Wheels for Tesla Model S
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BBS 21" UP-01 Wheels for Tesla Model S

Note: Pricing above is for set of four (4) wheels

When the conversation turns to custom wheels for premium automobiles, legendary wheel manufacturer BBS is always on the short list. BBS wheels are spectacular in every way—beauty, performance, and durability. BBS has created the UP-01, a wheel designed and built in Germany exclusively for the Tesla Model S. BBS has created the UP-01 wheels to enhance the look and the performance of the Model S, provide unparalleled high-performance, strength, and durability (TÜV SÜD approved), while optimizing weight and reducing vibration to the cabin. 

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With over 40 years of experience, Germany-based BBS has a rich history including over 20 years of supplying Ferrari’s Formula 1 team as well as having been a trusted official original equipment wheel supplier for Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and other world class car manufacturers. The UP-01 wheel has been engineered exclusively for the Tesla Model S.

The Tesla Model S manages to be one of today’s most exciting driver’s cars, despite its hefty curb weight. This combination creates a unique need for an extremely durable, rigid and high performance wheel. The features of the UP-01 are unparalleled (see ‘Features’ tab) and will impress even the most uncompromising Tesla Model S owner obsessed with performance.

 Tesla Model S unplugged Performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheel package




Custom-Designed for Tesla Model S

These hub-centric wheels will take your Tesla factory lug nuts, TPMS sensors, and center caps or, alternatively, the BBS center caps (which are included free of charge - this allows you two distinctive styles). And, the UP-01 wheels are designed for 21 inch Tesla Model S sizing that intentionally allow any Model S owner to swap their factory 21” tires over to the UP-01 wheels without the need to buy new tires. Regular Model S 245/35ZR21 size tires as well as specialized P85+ staggered tires with 265/35ZR21 both will fit correctly on the UP-01 wheels. All wheels are finished in an Asteroid Graphite coating that is designed to look great with all Tesla factory Model S paint colors.

Engineered for Performance

The UP-01 wheel is optimized for all aspects of everyday use and is designed to exceed the performance and durability of the original equipment Tesla Model S factory wheel. BBS’s advanced flow-forming technology provides a 2-piece wheel design that manages to be stronger and yet also brings improved performance and efficiency by keeping the outer areas of the wheel extremely light. This flow-formed technology is the same production process that BBS has utilized in applications for Ferrari including the official Ferrari F430 Challenge wheel which uses supercar-grade materials such as titanium fasteners.

Extensive Quality Testing

Most importantly, the higher performance aspect of the wheel was kept in balance with the extreme durability requirements that everyday use of a Model S demands. Not only was the wheel subjected to 2,000,000 cycles of cornering load rotary testing -- far exceeding the 200,000 cycle TÜV SÜD requirement (see 'TÜV SÜD' tab for more), the wheel is also intentionally over-engineered to support 2145lbs per wheel which equals 8580lbs total, nearly the weight of two Teslas! The end result of this extreme engineering translates into a wheel that is more resistant to damage, transmits less vibration into the cabin and provides a smoother ride.

Built-in Curb Rash Protection

Tesla owners often suffer from curb rash on the wheels due to the car’s extremely wide dimensions. As a result, every set of UP-01 wheels comes with integrated design stainless steel wheel protectors that serve as an effective first line of defense. If the wheel comes in contact with a curb, the protector can be easily removed without tools, without deflating the tires and another protector can be installed in minutes. In fact, a bonus replacement wheel protector is also included free with every wheel set.

Performance BBS 21-Inch up-01 wheel package
Performance BBS 21-inch Up-01 wheel package
 performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheel




Performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheelsPerformance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheels
Performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheels
Performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheels

Please note: different screens will have variable resolution and color; the UP-01 wheel color Asteroid Graphite coating changes its shade slightly depending on level of light reflecting off the wheel.




The UP-01 package includes 4 wheels with 4 BBS center caps (note: these wheels will also accept your Tesla factory center caps). In addition, you will receive 5 BBS produced stainless steel rim protectors.  Note: although you’ll already have one “extra” bonus replacement wheel protector in your shipment, additional wheel protectors can be also be purchased at any time if needed.

Performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheels
  • Designed to accept Tesla factory 21 inch tire sizes in both regular and P85+ / P85D sizes; The BBS UP-01 wheels are 21x9 front and 21x9.5 rear.
  • Accepts all Tesla factory components:  TPMS, lug nuts, center caps, and correct Tesla center bore
  • BBS exclusive flow-formed technology, the exact same as BBS supplies Ferrari on their F430 Challenge
  • Titanium fasteners for ultimate strength and weight savings
  • TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles, 10 times the TÜV SÜD requirement
  • Rated to reliably withstand 2145lbs per wheel (8580lbs for the four wheels, nearly twice the weight of a Model S)
  • Mass-centered design to reduce the moment of inertia and improve acceleration, deceleration and car efficiency
  • Integrated stainless steel wheel protectors to absorb curb rash can be easily replaced and return the wheel to mint condition
  • Exclusive Asteroid Graphite coating designed to integrate beautifully with all Tesla factory color cars

BBS Wheel Manufacturing Process





Do the UP-01 wheels use factory center caps, TPMS sensors, and lug nuts?

Yes, the UP-01 wheel has been designed with this in mind.

Do I need to change the color of my existing lug nuts (and lug nut covers) as well as the center cap to correspond to my new UP-01 wheels?

That's an aesthetic decision only you can make. If you decide to use a different factory-compatible color, these parts may be purchased from the parts department at your local Service Center.

Can I get these wheels in a different color? Does the wheel color compliment my Model S?

All wheels are available in one (1) color option only. The UP-01 wheels are finished in an exclusive Unplugged Performance Asteroid Graphite coating that is designed to look great with all Tesla factory Model S paint colors.

Are the wheels hubcentric, this requiring no hub centering rings (spacers)?

UP-01 wheels are hubcentric. Therefore, no hub center rings / spacers are needed as the UP-01 wheels have been designed specifically with the 21” stock/factory Model S wheels compatibility in mind.

When you mention that UP-01 wheels are compatible with factory 21" tires, does that mean they fit all Tesla Mode S versions (including p85+)?

Yes, regular Model S 245/35ZR21 size tires as well as specialized P85+ staggered tires with 265/35ZR21 both will fit correctly on the UP-01 wheels.

You NOTE that the UP-01 wheel has been TÜV SÜD approved - what is that?

The UP-01 wheel has been TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles, 10 times the TÜV SÜD requirement. Please see the ‘TÜV SÜD’ tab for more details.

Are these 2 piece wheels or just simulating a 2 piece wheel?

The construction is indeed a fully functional 2 piece manufacturing process utilizing true titanium hardware. Everything about the UP-01 wheel is designed purposefully and functionally.

Why are the offsets and wheel weight not published?

It is not uncommon for companies to replicate the size and offset of other makers. Due to the extensive development involved in this wheel program some information remains proprietary and is not published. The wheel sizes are designed for all variations of the Model S including the P85D. The wheels are produced to correctly fit standard P85+ tires, P85D tires as well as non-staggered 245 width tires all around. In addition, the BBS produced UP-01 wheels are purposely built like "tanks" because the goal was to make a nearly indestructible wheel for the Model S that also manages to be more efficient. The Model S, more so than other cars, needs a very strong wheel and no compromises were made in this regard. The aggressive million mile warrantee offered on the wheels reinforces this requirement for an ultra-strong everyday usable set of wheels. The magic of this wheel setup comes from BBS’s race car background in engineering. This background allows both goals of efficiency and strength to succeed by keeping the mass of the wheel located towards the center meanwhile the outer areas remain lightweight, benefiting from the flow forming technology process. This enables the wheel to rotate with less effort, providing the driving dynamics and rapid response of a super lightweight wheel meanwhile offering massive strength that a lightweight wheel can’t offer. As a result explaining performance of the UP-01 by weight does not provide an accurate basis for interpreting the wheel’s performance. Instead, by explaining the engineering logic and how the weight is distributed within the wheel it is more completely and accurately conveyed about how the wheel manages to achieve both high performance efficiency and massive strength. By simply stating a wheel weight all of the work in engineering as described above is lost instead to a number which does not carry the true story of the wheel’s strength and efficiency improvements.

What is the warranty on the UP-01 wheels?

All UP-01 wheels are backed by a 5 year, 1,000,000 mile warranty for structural integrity under normal driving conditions. The warranty is limited and provides a free replacement wheel should any wheel suffer any structural damage or defect except if the following conditions apply. 1. The UP-01 wheels must be used on a Tesla Model S with Tesla factory equipment 21” tires used at Tesla approved inflation. 2. Cosmetic damage is not covered. 3. Regular use wear and tear such as curb damage is not covered. 3. Accidents and abnormal impact above and beyond normal driving condition use is not covered.

When can I receive my wheels if I order today?

Orders will be shipped on a first come, first served basis within 4 – 8 weeks.

Are these wheels available for international delivery?

Yes, the UP-01 wheels are available for worldwide delivery via FedEx International.





TÜV SÜD has over 25 years of experience in wheel testing, and is the biggest independent institute for tire and wheel technologies in Europe. TÜV SÜD operates advanced wheel testing facilities that are equipped to conduct the full scope of tire and wheel tests. TÜV SÜD provides wheel tests according to international standards, regulations, and requirements.

Wheel Testing

The UP-01 wheel has been TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles, 10 times the TÜV SÜD requirement. Why is wheel testing important? Premium wheel manufacturers have their products tested and receive critical technical reports from a neutral, independent third-party organization. Independent wheel tests carried out by a certified test lab play a pivotal role in evaluating and ensuring the consistent quality of product. TÜV SÜD experts are highly trained professionals who work extensively with top automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. Through this experience, TÜV SÜD have developed a strong knowledge of manufacturer and vehicle OEM requirements. TÜV SÜD wheel testing involves a series of tests that are carried out to meet vehicle OEM requirements or the specifications of test standards on bending fatigue, radial fatigue, biaxial impact, energy absorption, radial impact or torsion. TÜV SÜD wheel testing services at-a-glance follow below...


Tire and wheel testing images courtesy TÜV SÜD: (top) wheel testing services at-a-glance; (bottom from left to right) wheel durability testing, bending fatigue tests, and rolling resistance test.




As seen in Teslarati

“In case you’ve been living under a rock, BBS is most widely recognized for its racing heritage having produced wheels for the likes of … ahem, Michael Schumacher who won four of his Formula 1 Championships on BBS wheels, but also a staple of high-end and light alloy consumer aftermarket wheels. Given Unplugged’s no compromises approach and drive for innovation, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they would choose BBS to co-develop the new UP-01 with…

So, what’s special about Unplugged’s UP-01 wheel? Well, for starters, it’s damn strong; it looks the part and it has titanium. Aside from its stunningly good looks, the UP-01 was designed to bring the best of both worlds – performance and durability without sacrificing ride quality. Apparently, the secret sauce behind it all is the BBS flow-form manufacturing process that allows them to produce extremely lightweight yet strong 2-piece wheels. This happens to be the same technology that also produces the wheels for Ferrari’s F430 Challenge.

We all know by now that the Tesla Model S is a beast of a car in every sense of the word including its hefty weight. Unplugged’s UP-01 was designed to not only withstand the weight of the Model S but at nearly twice the amount (weight supported: 8580 lbs). According to Unplugged, the wheel’s extreme strength not only makes it resistant to damage but also provides a smoother ride by transmitting less vibration into the cabin.”

 Performance BBS 21-inch up-01 wheels



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