#TeslaART: Customizable Tesla Model X Patent Prints

We put down a deposit for the forthcoming Tesla Model X and we're counting the minutes (hmmm... days) until the Model X configurator goes live on Tesla Motors website. We can't wait to see its features. We have an idea of what's coming, but, much of the details are still shrouded in mystery.

Since Tesla opened up all their patents, it's worth taking a peek at the Tesla Model X U.S. Design Patent. Searching for it, we stumbled across this unique artwork. This simple yet stylish "blueprint" patent (doubling as some cool artwork) showcases the much-anticipated Model X. It was created by a Kentucky family business, Patent Prints

Source: Patent Prints

The folks over at Patent Prints offer these from $6.99 - $39.99 depending on the size selected and it is fully customizable (and we love all things customizable, like our Center Console Insert.) Our favorite option is the chalkboard print (featured above) but you can choose from a wide variety of paper types and colors, everything from Burlap to Seaform.

From Patent Prints... "These are prints of great inventions that have changed our lives. They are fun, educational, and will look great on your walls!"  

We agree... and they do look cool. But, we also can't wait to see the Model X officially launch... until then, this will have to do! Feel free to check out another great family business offering the Tesla Model X Patent Print over on Etsy.