Tesla Eye Candy 17 / Best Tesla P85D Reaction Ever

This week, Tesla Eye Candy showcases a few outdoorsy photos of the Tesla Model S in beautiful nature settings. But, we also feature a few others... one by a sleek Tesla store and another of a must-see, all-chrome Model S. And don't forget to scroll down to our featured video, its been going viral since it was first posted on youtube.

From top to bottom: 1. Beautiful shot of a white Model S in the mountains, 2. Black P85D in front of a Tesla store, 3. All chrome Tesla with jet black wheels, 4. A red Model S makes any nature photo look even better, 5. Strike that, any color Tesla will make a nature photo look better!

Instagram: @insta_luecki@jonassauermilch@ndonko@vinnz@crowdser

For this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we wanted to show you a viral video that many Tesla fans have called "the best P85D reaction video ever" -- and... we agree! From what we can gather, it appears that a Swedish P85D owner took her (unknowing) sister for a drive. After hearing the car is a Tesla, her sister asks, "It is not some kind of Ford or something?" Ummmm, no. She learns quickly that a Tesla is something quite special, take a look...

Youtube User: snigel snigel

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