Tesla Owners convene at Club Med

For the second year in a row, Model S owners came together for a fun Tesla weekend at Club Med Sandpiper Bay located close-by the Tesla Superchargers in Port St. Lucie, FL. The event was organized by the fantastic Florida Tesla Enthusiasts (FTE) Club and allowed the Tesla community here a long weekend to relax, unwind, and meet other Tesla owners. There was plenty of sunshine, activities, delicious food, golf and tennis, and FTE's club meeting. 

From top to bottom: Tesla Model S vehicles in all colors and configurations lined up in the Club Med parking lot; 2. The Tesla line-up as seen by a drone* drifting above; 3. The beautiful Club Med pool early in the morning; 4. The Soleil restaurant was a popular meet-up spot; 5. Our whole family all gathered together at Club Med for this fun weekend

A big "thank you" goes out to Larry Chanin, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts Club President for his tireless efforts managing this ever-growing group of Tesla owners and helping advance the cause of driving electric here in the sunshine state! Larry also mentioned that although the bulk of U.S. Tesla owners are located in California, Florida is rumored to be a close "runner-up" with the second (or possibly third) largest concentration of Tesla owners. And, although Tesla Motors doesn't release the state-by-state data, a prior analysis seems to back this up (see below). 

Source: Edmunds/Polk

In any event we met some new Tesla owners, and, reconnected with many of our long-time EVANNEX customers who have supported us over the years. We look forward to catching up with everybody at future Florida Tesla Enthusiast Club events!

*One of those long-time customers (who shot that amazing drone photo above) also happens to be the owner of Solar Energy Management, whose company offers the Tesla Energy solution locally and can help make Florida customers “Powerwall Ready” because the Tesla Powerwall (see below) is not yet released. Interestingly, he noted that the 30% tax credit on solar is expiring soon, so you should not wait to the last minute!

Source: Tesla Motors

For those interested, get your home "Powerwall Ready" today by contacting Solar Energy Management or visit their website at: www.solarenergymgmt.com