Tesla Model X receives rave reviews

After watching and reading everything I could find online about the Tesla Model X launch last night, I think Wired says it best in their aptly titled Tesla Model X is here, and it's as awesome as we hoped review: "The world's first luxury electric SUV is gorgeous. It’s futuristic. And once again, Tesla Motors is redefining the electric vehicle... Tesla has made the family car cool."

Source: Jalopnik

So, what makes the Tesla Model X so awesome? So much. Wired explains, "It’s not just the design, which is futuristic without being weird. It’s not just the performance, which is holy s*** fast. And it’s not even the dramatic 'falcon' doors that lift like the wings of a bird. It’s how all of those features come together in a vehicle that somehow makes an SUV not just cool, but desirable... The X is, in a word, stunning."

Source: Tesla Motors*

Wall Street media outlet, Benzinga, is calling the Model X "a technology masterpiece" that "has seven seats, but can accelerate to 60 mph as quickly as a Porsche 911." They see, "the Model X as a work of engineering art. 'TSLA Model X will be a phenomenal success -- demand for Model X will outstrip the supply,' [per Global Equities Research]'."

Source: Tesla Motors*

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk expects the Model X to get a five star safety rating and touts its safety features as "top-billing" in his presentation last night (see video below). But, the surprising star of the show last night was the comic book cool "bioweapon defense mode" button that creates positive pressure inside the cabin protecting its occupants from pollen, bacteria, viruses, pollution (and, yes... bioweapons) with their state-of-the-art medical grade HEPA filters.

Source: Every Elon Musk Video

Hmmm... what else? The doors -- not just the door handle -- automatically open for the driver as he/she is approaching the vehicle. Musk has referred to this feature as “your invisible chauffeur." Falcon wing doors intricately hinge to open in extremely tight spots and sensors perfectly adjust to low ceilings. Tesla even figured out how to hide its sensors behind the exterior, another automotive breakthrough. It has 5,000 pound towing capacity with an ingenious rack system for snowboards, skis, and bikes. It has endless storage capacity and seat configuration functionality. And, when driving the Model X, it has enormous visibility (comparable to a helicopter) with the largest all glass panoramic windshield in vehicle production today, see this reviewer's video below for a good demonstration...

Source: The Verge

Of course the best part of the Tesla Model X is the breakthrough performance -- especially for an SUV. Along with "ludicrous" acceleration, the good folks at Jalopnik test drove the Model X yesterday and sum it up: "You know how on Star Trek when the Enterprise is barreling through space at about a trillion miles per hour but everybody’s just sittin’ around sipping space drinks like it ain’t no thang? That. But way cooler, because it’s really happening."


*Source: Tesla Motors