TS115 Wheels are 33% lighter than Tesla factory 21's

The TS115 21" forged aftermarket wheel is engineered specifically for the Tesla Model S owner who wants to retain the factory tires, but gain more functionality by saving weight with a lightweight forged wheel. 

 TS115 Matte Black

The stunning TS115 is approximately 33% lighter than the factory Tesla 21" turbine wheel. This will allow extended range with your Model S. In addition to the enhanced range, the TS115 lightweight wheels will increase performance by allowing for quicker acceleration. 

 TS115 Matte Black

TS115 wheels are factory compatible -- Model S owners can use factory Tesla center caps, lug nuts, TPMS and tires with their TS115 wheel selection. The wheels are available in these color options: Matte Black, Jet Black, Bright White, Matte Grey, Brushed Satin, Ghost Gold, and Diamond Black. 


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