Nick Howe's Owning Model S (2nd Edition) book is here

Nick Howe's Owning Model S (2nd Edition) book is here. Now in its updated second edition, Owning Model S (2nd Edition) incorporates the latest Tesla innovations with discussions of the dual-motor variants of the vehicle (S70D, S85D, P85D, and P90D), new technology including autopilot, and related features, and new tips, tricks and guidance culled from the experiences of thousands of Model S owners.

Like its predecessor, Owning Model S (2nd Edition) is a book that every Model S owner needs and every potential Model S owner should have. The book combines technical details about topics that include the underlying automotive design, the electric powertrain, drag, regenerative braking, the software infrastructure, range, and performance with a pragmatic discussion of the car’s functionality, options, and even its idiosyncracies. The book is packed with 4-color pictures, graphs and graphic images that make the read both enjoyable and informative.

The book was also just announced on Nick's popular video show, News from the Frunk, check out his comments on it...

We invite you to check out Owning Model S (2nd Edition), just click here to take a look.