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Jon Favreau discusses Elon Musk, Iron Man, and his Tesla

First... some background. Ironman director, Jon Favreau, and its star, Robert Downey Jr., were developing the Tony Stark character for the Iron Man film, when Robert Downey Jr. suggested that they meet Elon Musk. Favreau said, "Elon Musk makes no sense — and that’s the reason I know him. When I was trying to bring the character of genius billionaire Tony Stark to the big screen in Iron Man, I had no idea how to make him seem real. Robert Downey Jr. said, ‘We need to sit down with Elon Musk.'" After the meeting, they decided to use Elon Musk as "inspiration" in their portrayal of Tony Stark on screen. And for Iron Man 2, the Tesla CEO also made an on-screen cameo appearance and allowed some of the filming to occur at SpaceX.

Photos: San Francisco MagazineFlickr

It turns out that Favreau discussed Elon Musk and Iron Man at the Tesla Model X event. Check it out...


More proof that Tesla CEO Elon Musk really is... Iron Man! If you don't buy it, just check out this infographic. It's a bit dated, but it proves the point...