Tesla Eye Candy 20 / Tesla Battery... literally!

This week, we've got some more amazing Tesla Eye Candy images that we've curated from our digital travels through Instagram. However, our #1 pick this week came from someone who contacted us about a very special battery-styled Tesla (see below)! Check out our top five -- just scroll below to see who won this week's top picks. Enjoy!

Source: Darren Lawecki's Tesla Model S at the Drive Electric Event in Oldsmar Florida (photo: Steve Furniss)

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And, for this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we fell in love with this video by a passionate Tesla Model S owner. He does a beautiful job filming the elegant unique design cues that make the Tesla Model S so gorgeous to look at... our kudos to the Tesla design team for creating such a classic, timeless design that still maintains a futuristic beauty. Check it out below...

Source: Jerry Zhou

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