Tesla Eye Candy 23 / Howie Mandel loves Autopilot

This week, we've got some more beautiful Tesla Eye Candy images that we've curated throughout our digital travels. Our #1 pick is awarded to Jen Hsun-Huang, CEO of NVIDIA. Looks like he received a "Founder's Series" Tesla Model X just yesterday to add to his stable of white Model S vehicles in his garage. NVIDIA is an important supplier to Tesla Motors and we've also featured Jen's fascinating NVIDIA interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk at their GPU Technology Conference. In any event, to check out all our favorite photos this week, just scroll down below to see who won our top picks.

Source: NVIDIA / Twitter

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For this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we get another fun video (originally filmed on Periscope) showing off the new Tesla Autopilot features inside of Hollywood celebrity (and host of America's Got Talent) Howie Mandel's Tesla Model S. Howie keeps insisting, "I'm not driving!" Check it out...

Source: Narendra Rocherolle / Youtube

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