Tesla Eye Candy 26 / Tesla Michigan

For this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we want showcase some amazing Tesla Model S photos we received through our contact form -- this particular gallery includes a Tesla owner who placed his Model S into some striking (photo manipulated) settings.... we also have a very cool "ZERO CO2" license plate and two images of Tesla Model S vehicles with a cool graffiti backdrop. Check out the gallery below.

Source: 1. and 2. Stig Tronvold (Photo/Owner); 3. Darrell Johnson; 4. @ggenuine; 5. @stcjren

In this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we've included a clip of the new Tesla Michigan plant. Tesla acquired the plant for $10 million (back in May) from Riviera Tool a supplier of tools and dies used to stamp out parts for the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk explained during his 3Q earnings call this week, “Anything we can do to tighten that [manufacturing] time frame organically, as an acquisition, is a good thing... the crazy thing is that $10 million we spent acquiring Riviera was less than we spent expediting our stamping dies”—tools that cut and shape sheet metal—”so it’s like a no-brainer.” Maybe we'll be seeing more Tesla acquisitions soon? Either way, it's great to see Tesla Motors open up shop in Michigan. Get the first look inside...

Source: Wood TV8

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