Tesla Eye Candy 35 / Jay Leno races a Tesla

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Matt Pressman

In this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, our winning image goes to a Tesla Model X driving in the Chinatown district somewhere in California. More and more Tesla Model X vehicles are being spotted which most likely means that production is starting to ramp up. In addition, we show you how Tesla is increasing in popularity in China (check out the crowds around that Model S!) and other gorgeous photos of our favorite car company. Last, it's very cool to see a Tesla Powerwall home battery "in the wild" (via CitiPower) whose partner, Next Generation Electrical, has just installed Australia's very first Powerwall in Victoria. Scroll down to check it out... 

Source: @zj_photog

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Next up, for our Tesla Eye Candy video, we've got a funny clip of Jay Leno racing a Tesla Model S. In yet another Tesla Model S battle, Jay Leno, known for his love of fast cars, challenges a feisty grandma in a Tesla Model S P85D against one of his favorite classic cars of all time, the 1966 Ford AC Cobra (with a 427 under the hood). Jay races the Cobra against the P85D, and -- as always -- Grandma is right, watch below...

Youtube clip: gig1speedman / Full episode (available behind a paywall): CNBC

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