Teen funds his Tesla Model S by charging for Vegas trips

As a family business ourselves, we really liked this story about another Tesla related family business. According to news* this week, a Los Angeles area teenager really wanted a Tesla Model S for himself and  he found an enterprising way to be able to get one. When 16-year old Los Angeles resident Haydn Sonnad told his dad he wanted a Tesla, his father was open to the idea. The father told the teenager he would have to come up with a way to pay for at least some of the monthly cost. So Haydn started a company shuttling folks back and forth to Las Vegas by selling the empty seats in his car.

The company is called Tesloop, and a seat to Vegas costs $85. A Pilot drives the car since Haydn can't - restrictions don't allow the 16 year old to carry passengers. Here's the brilliant part - since it's a Tesla, the electricity needed to power the car is free. All Tesloop has to do is fill up at Tesla Superchargers placed along the route. The company is also going to introduce a new program where a rider can volunteer to drive and their ride would be free. Plus it would save the company money paying their "pilot," as they call their drivers.

Check out this video featured on their website...

*Source: KTLA / Photo, Video: Tesloop