Tesla World Conference is shaping up to be an epic event

When we connected with our friends from Tesla Club Belgium at the Tesla Motors Club (TMC Connect) Conference earlier this year, Tesla World was still in the early planning stages. Congratulations to Byron, Martin, and the whole Tesla World team for making the inaugural event of Tesla World something truly spectacular. Kudos on all the hard work planning it -- this is shaping up to be an epic event!


Tesla World will officially launch on Friday, September 25th at the prestigious Hilton in Antwerp, Belgium. The team at Tesla World explains, "Tesla World is conceived in the spirit of its beloved brand, Tesla. It carries out the philosophy of this powerful brand in every dimension. It is a convention organized by Tesla owners and $TSLA Shareholders. Aiming at a high-end and exclusive audience of entrepreneurs, business people, innovators... it bundles innovations, trends and expectations for the future regarding sustainable lifestyle. We are open to everybody who wants to join us to make a difference in the world."

Above: Tesla Club Belgium President (and Tesla World organizer), Byron Soulopulos

So why do an event like this? They explain, "Tesla World is the ideal venue to show people a new sustainable way of life. Different new products, services and systems are introduced to the audience to create a change in mindset. In this story, Tesla owners are the early adopters. They are the ones who pass on the experience to like-minded people. They show and teach us new aspects of living, driving and working. And above all, they convince us that the future works, that sustainability is profitable and that a new mindset has a surplus value."

The Tesla World speakers booked (thus far) are certainly very impressive. Featured speakers include the following luminaries [click on images below for more information]...

Above: Speakers scheduled to appear at Tesla World

Most intriguing is the "very special guest" who will be the featured Keynote Speaker at Tesla World. At this time, the Tesla World team has not (yet) revealed the name. However, we've heard rumors that top brass from Tesla Motors may be arriving in Belgium during the conference. Whether they'll be attending (or speaking) at Tesla World remains to be seen. Hmmmm, the suspense is killing us... in any event, the program for Tesla World looks amazing. We'll continue to report on it as we get more information.

We're honored and proud to be an inaugural "Gold Partner" for this very special event and we want to sincerely thank Tesla Club Belgium and the whole Tesla World team for inviting EVANNEX to get involved and participate in this landmark conference.

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