Tesla Eye Candy 32 / Holiday Edition with a gift... your very own interactive digital Tesla Model X!

For this special holiday edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we had to award Tesla Motors' own Instagram account with the #1 ranking (see below) as they explained that they're now the "First automotive manufacturer to offer test drives out of @Harrods." Yes... we definitely welcome all those British holiday shoppers visiting the ultra-classy Harrods to check out the Model S. We also feature Tesla owners using their frunk for their Christmas tree shopping, building Tesla cars and Superchargers into their mini Christmas village, parking under a massive Christmas wreath (with a sharp grille too!), and participating in this year's Hanukah parade. Contact us and send in your holiday photos, we'd love to see them! We even have a fun holiday gift for you, just scroll down for your very own interactive, digital Tesla Model X...

Source: Tesla Motors

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Usually we post a video or infographic as part of our Tesla Eye Candy posts but this week we're doing something totally different. No, we can't expedite your Tesla Model X delivery any faster... we're anxiously waiting too... but we can give you a special gift: an interactive, digital Model X animation as seen on Sketchfab. To have fun playing with this interactive Tesla Model X, just press the blue "play" button, press/move your cursor over the image and flip the Model X around at virtually any angle imaginable. Also, be sure to check out those wild falcon-wing doors in action and use the zoom functionality so you can zoom right into the interior. FYI: on a Mac, you can use two fingers at once on the "mouse" touchpad to zoom. Be sure to toy around with this animation -- it's very, very cool...

Tesla MODEL X [Animation] by Virtual Studio on Sketchfab

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