Tesla Eye Candy 36 / Elon Musk Life Story Animated

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Matt Pressman

For this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we've come across some more amazing images on Instagram. Often, we feature other Tesla owners showing off their Model S on Instagram... but, in this installment, we've found some professional photographers, filmmakers, and (almost/nearly) pro photographers showing off the Model S in some really beautiful ways. The settings, locations, and lighting are quite stunning. Scroll down below and enjoy...

Instagram: @jan_svoboda_photographer

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And, for this week's featured Tesla Eye Candy video, we came across an amazing life story animation of our hero, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk -- it's actually a review of the Elon Musk biography by Ashlee Vance. Of course, we recommend reading the book to best understand how Elon Musk came to be such an icon... but, if you'd like the "Cliffs Notes" version in under ten minutes, this is a great start. Even if you've read the book (as I have), you'll still find this animation entertaining, thought-provoking, and fascinating. Watch the video animation below, and if you want some more, be sure to check out the book too...

Youtube: ObtainEudaimonia

What we've showcased in our Tesla Eye Candy series is just a sampling of the great stuff we've come across on Instagram and Youtube. So, if you enjoy this series, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Youtube (and our other social media channels). Also, we regularly feature Tesla Eye Candy blog posts, so be sure to look out for our weekly series. And, if there are any images (or video) you think we should feature, just contact us.

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