Tesla Eye Candy 37 / A Very Tesla Christmas

Yes... Christmas is fast-approaching this week! In anticipation, we wanted to dedicate an installment of Tesla Eye Candy to sending Christmas wishes to the Tesla community. In order to get all of us into the Christmas spirit, we've curated some Instagram images and featured an amazing Tesla Christmas story told in two videos (at bottom of post). But first, check out these holiday images (some taken in a winter wonderland) showing us that Tesla really knows how to add beauty and elegance to the holiday season. Oh... and we feel that last featured image is a Tesla Model S that could definitely replace Santa's sleigh! Tesla just needs send out a software upgrade so that the Model S can fly. I wouldn't put it past Elon Musk to make it happen at some point...

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For this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we have an amazing Christmas tale in a two-part video series. According to Philip Roy, "This [first] video got the attention of the VP of Tesla Motors, who contacted me and said he couldn't give me a Model S for Christmas, but he would let me borrow one for a week. He also said that my hero Elon Musk enjoyed watching it! A few days later there was a $90k car in my driveway, and my family got a preview of a future without such dependence on fossil fuels... [and so for the second video] I rewired the exterior outlet of the house for optimal charging. We took as many day trips as our work schedules allowed, comfortably fitting 2 adults, 4 kids and a large dog. We didn't have to stop at any gas stations the whole time, but we did anyway for old time's sake. It was a dream come true, I can't say enough great things about this car! Thanks Tesla!" Pretty awesome... take a look...

Youtube: Video #1 and #2 (both posted by Philip Roy)

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