Tesla Trip to Italy [Tesla Eye Candy 39]

For this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we feature some gorgeous photos of Tesla "in the wild" shot by various Tesla owners and Instagram fans. We're most impressed with this first photo of the (now extinct) brown Tesla Model S looking -- dare I say -- even better than the Bentley parked next to it! We've also got photos of Tesla Superchargers, from the super-busy to the sublime. To view, scroll down below...

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For this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we wanted to feature one of our favorite episodes this year from one of our favorite shows, the Fully Charged show hosted by Robert Llewellyn. Robert documents an epic Tesla road trip from Gloucestershire to Northern Italy and back in his Tesla Model S 85. If you haven't seen this show on youtube yet, we recommend you subscribe. This particular episode really demonstrates how pervasive Tesla Superchargers have become all across Europe. And, it shows how much fun the Tesla Model S can be as a travel companion. As many of us made trips across state (or country) lines this holiday season, we thought you would enjoy checking out Robert's adventure...

Youtube: fullychargedshow

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