Tesla tops 50,000 delivered cars in 2015 [Tesla Eye Candy 40]

Big news from Tesla Motors today as it announced that it hit its goal for vehicle deliveries for 4Q 2015. We'll get to that in a moment (scroll down to our featured infographic). But first... we need some Tesla Eye Candy! This super-popular "Tesla Eye Candy" blog series hits 40 installments today and we're still loving the images from Tesla owners and fans all across the world as seen on Instagram. Our job is to curate our favorites and bring them to you weekly. Sometimes there are so many good ones that we've got to feature Tesla Eye Candy a few times a week. In any event, check out the beautiful photos below before we get to the milestone that TSLA investors will be cheering about...

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And, as part of Tesla Eye Candy we always feature our favorite video and/or infographic. Well... for this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, one simple graph jumped out at us (courtesy of Electrek)... 

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Look at that growth! To recap, as reported by USA Today, "Tesla Motors said Sunday it broke the 50,000 mark in deliveries of its luxury electric vehicles last year. The figures were released ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that is sure to serve as a forum for others competing in its same arena... They show just how far ahead that Tesla has become compared to its competitors. The automaker says it delivered 50,580 vehicles for the year, including 17,400 in the fourth quarter. Showing that its efforts to ramp up production are paying off, fourth quarter deliveries were 48% higher that the past previous highest quarter ever. They were 75% higher than the same quarter a year ago... [and] 208 of the fourth-quarter deliveries were for its new Model X crossover. It actually made twice as many [Model X vehicles]... slated for delivery over the next three months."

Congrats to Tesla Motors for another fantastic year of growth. What we've showcased in our Tesla Eye Candy series is just a sampling of the great stuff we've come across on Instagram and Youtube. So, if you enjoy this series, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Youtube (and our other social media channels). Also, we regularly feature Tesla Eye Candy blog posts, so be sure to look out for our weekly series. And, if there are any images (or video) you think we should feature, just contact us.