Tesla opens office in South Africa [Tesla Eye Candy 41]

Posted on March 01, 2023 by Matt Pressman

For this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we'll be bringing you some exciting news of worldwide Tesla expansion. But first... as always, we've curated the best Tesla photos we've come across on Instagram. There were so many amazing images it was hard to choose the best. Whether it's urban, fast-paced luxury or nature's zen-like settings -- Tesla always looks striking. Take a look at these gorgeous photos of both the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

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For this week's video, we're bringing you a news clip from South African television discussing the Tesla Powerwall. If you're not familiar with the Tesla Powerwall, the clip provides an excellent overview of the product. Wait... why is this news clip from South Africa of all places? Well, it turns out that Tesla's South African-born CEO Elon Musk is opening a dedicated South African Tesla office this month in order to bring its industrial-scale energy storage solutions to the country in 2016. Tesla South Africa's first hire will be Evan Rice, who worked as CEO of GreenCape, an organization developing the market for renewable energy. Tesla already has distribution deals in place with several renewable energy companies in South Africa, including Dako Power and Rubicon, to sell its Powerwall product. Check out the video to learn more...

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What we've showcased in our Tesla Eye Candy series is just a sampling of the great stuff we've come across on Instagram and Youtube. So, if you enjoy this series, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Youtube (and our other social media channels). Also, we regularly feature Tesla Eye Candy blog posts, so be sure to look out for our weekly series. And, if there are any images (or video) you think we should feature, just contact us.

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