Tesla driving itself to you: Video round-up of Firmware 7.1 with Summon, New Autopark Features, and more

As reported by Teslarati*, software update v7.1 allows Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X owners to summon their cars to come pick you up and self-park, along with new Autosteer and Autopark updates. Among the more notable updates are the improved HomeLink feature that now opens and closes your garage based on your proximity to home, real-time Supercharger availability checking, auto-adjusting brightness for the center touchscreen, and perhaps the most exciting, the new ‘summon’ feature. 

Autopark has also been improved. Tesla can now self-park itself in a perpendicular space instead of only parallel parking against a curb. Real time visualization has been improved. The dashboard now shows multiple vehicles on the road ahead and can distinguish between cars, trucks and motorcycles. The car will also slow itself if you are in the right hand lane on the highway approaching an exit. Forward Collision Warning has been improved along with Autosteer which is able to take curves in a much smoother manner.

Once again, Tesla has demonstrated how far ahead of the competition it is. Not only can it download software updates wirelessly, it also listens to its customers and works diligently to incorporate their needs in all updates. 

A quick recap of key features included in the v7.1 release notes:

  • Autosteer
  • Summon (Beta)
  • Perpendicular Autopark
  • Enhanced Autopilot Visualization
  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Improvements
  • Additional Autopilot Improvements
  • HomeLink: Auto Open/Close
  • Vehicle Lock Improvements
  • Display Auto-Brightness
  • Supercharger Site Availability
  • Trip Planner Improvements
  • Additional Improvements

We’ve scoured the web for the best Tesla Model S v7.1 film footage out there and included a video round-up showcasing some of the its features below...

Exiting Garage

Source: Electric Jen

Source: James Majerus

Exiting Garage with Knight Rider Theme!

Source: Touchze29

Exiting Garage (with Homelink activated by car) 

Source: Mark Schey

Entering Garage

Source: Electric Jen

Source: DrFezzik

Source: James Majerus

Full Summon Demo: Exit and Entering Garage

Source: Ricco831

Perpendicular Parking Demo

Source: Mark Schey

Tesla Parking (in reverse)

Source: Electric Jen


*Source: Teslarati / first reported by: Elektrek