The Footprint of a Tesla Killer

Editor's Note: This is an article excerpt from Seeking Alpha by EVANNEX Founder Roger Pressman.


  • Tesla Motors has been a disrupter in the automotive industry, but will a new generation of "Tesla Killers" offered by major auto companies disrupt the disruptor?
  • A breakdown of the competitive market space for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) provides an indication of where serious competition for Tesla might originate.
  • The disruptive power of the Tesla Killers is assessed quantitatively by examining six key vehicle characteristics.
  • A quantitative comparison and assessment of the true "killing power" of vehicles touted as Tesla Killers is presented.

Over the past five years Tesla Motors (TSLA) has proven almost every "industry expert" wrong. It has evolved from a brash startup to a true "disrupter" in the automobile industry. Big auto has begun to respond, with GM, Ford, and EuroAuto telling us all that their own "Tesla Killers" are just around the corner. The big question going forward is whether the "disrupter" (Tesla Motors) will itself be disrupted by these big and experienced players.

Whether you're long or short on TSLA, most investors will agree that any real impact on the investment prospects for the company can only happen once true competition emerges. That's the reason why there has been a spate of "Tesla Killer" articles - often weak and sometimes over-hyped attempts to provide insight into emerging competition for Tesla Motors. But are the Tesla Killers for real?

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