Professional Race Car Driver shows love for Tesla [Tesla Eye Candy 44]

We've got more amazing Tesla Eye Candy photos from Instagram this week! Check out our curated gallery of the best Tesla images out there. Our winning image comes from professional race car driver Leilani Münter. She has her own Tesla Model S and also drives a special James Bond-style Tesla (see below) in the movie Racing Extinction. We were fortunate to meet Leilani at the first Tesla Motors Club conference, Teslive, a few years ago. Leilani is a huge supporter of Tesla and we're proud that she's a part of the tight-knit Tesla community! Also, be sure to check out our other favorite Tesla images on Instagram, just scroll down...

Instagram: @leilanimunter

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For our featured video, we also wanted to feature an example of Leilani's tireless work promoting electric cars and Tesla Motors. Last fall, she rewarded 16-year old Maxwell for getting an electric vehicle charger station installed in Denville, New Jersey in this mini-film -- check out this “Fast and the Electric” trailer below, starring Max and Leilani...

Source: 100isNow

And, Leilani was just featured with her Tesla Model S in the New York Times yesterday as well. Thanks Leilani for bringing attention to Tesla Motors and the electric vehicle movement!

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