Winter Blizzard vs. Tesla Motors [Tesla Eye Candy 44]

The ferocious snow storm / winter blizzard Jonas affected about 80 million Americans, with more than 150,000 homes/businesses who lost power, canceling 11,000 flights, and (in some areas) topping over 40 inches of snow this weekend. Tesla owners were tested in these extreme winter conditions. Of course, the Tesla Model S is well-known for its tremendous handling in the snow - even with its rear wheel drive models as explained in a fantastic video by Tesla Motors VP Chris Porritt. Nevertheless, we felt it was time to pay tribute to the many Tesla owners who brave the snow on a (somewhat) regular basis with a specially curated photo gallery including some of our favorite winter images. We also included a video (scroll down below) that may provide some additional traction in extreme snow conditions. Check it out...

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Next up, for this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we wanted to show a super-helpful product that can help you through snow storms this winter. We're now carrying snow chains for the Tesla Model S that provide excellent traction and durability in ultra-snowy conditions, but even better — it’s easier to install than traditional snow chains because it mounts from the front of the tire — there's no need to wrap the chains around the inner portion of the tire. These Trak Sport Snow Chains are designed to utilize the outer side of the drive wheels as the single fixing point rather than having complex attachments to the inner side. Check out how this innovative snow chains system installs...

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