Tesla revolutionizes your commute [Tesla Eye Candy 46]

For this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we take a look at Tesla Motors' self-driving features that have changed the way we commute to work. The Tesla Model S and Model X harness a powerful sensor suite that allows Tesla vehicles an unparalleled highway driving experience. Let's take a look at our curated gallery (from Instagram) showcasing Model S owners handling their commutes with relative ease. Our winning image is a Model S owner who snapped a photo of autopilot engaged while doing 100 in a tunnel. In addition, we've got some other fantastic images that show how Tesla owners enjoy their Model S during their respective commutes...

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And for this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we watch a new video from Tesla Motors that showcases Autopilot functionality. According to Tesla, "Autopilot allows Model S to steer within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by using active, traffic-aware cruise control. Digital control of motors, brakes, and steering helps avoid collisions from the front and sides, as well as preventing the car from wandering off the road. Model S can also scan for a parking space, alert you when one is available, and parallel park on command." Along with the newest, ultra-cool Summon feature, Tesla is moving the automotive world closer and closer to autonomous driving...

Source: Tesla Motors

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