How to photograph your Tesla Model S [Tesla Eye Candy 48]

In this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we feature a video and a gallery of photos that show beautiful examples of how to best to shoot your Tesla Model S. We're amazed at the quality of photos from Tesla owners that we find on Instagram. Our top pic was an interesting find -- the winning image (see below) also has a behind-the-scenes video that shows the process of how the Model S was photographed. So whether you snap pix of your Tesla with a private jet, or, just shoot cool images of the wheels... hopefully this Tesla Eye Candy will provide some inspiration. Enjoy!

Instagram: @tesla.mirai

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For this week's video, we get an inside look at how our winning top photo (featured in this post) was created. Tesla Mirai explains on youtube: "Rolling shot in the early morning hours of downtown San Antonio with Bobby Benavides*. I know the video is dark and amateur but hopefully it gives some idea to the talent and creativity of this photographer." We love it. Take a look...

Youtube: Tesla Mirai; *Photographer: Bobby Benavides

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