Valentine's Day Gifts for Tesla Owners [Video]

One of our customers contacted us claiming that he created the ultimate Valentine's Day gift. We thought... really? Well it turns out that he used his P85D, created a custom "My Valentine" license plate, included 100 giant Ecuadorian red roses, a bottle of Cristal champagne, an iPad, all delivered to his sweetheart by an invisible chauffeur - a "summoned" Tesla Model S.


Oh - and there's a plot twist too. Without writing any further spoiler alerts, be sure to check out the video below. But remember: since Tesla's "Summon" feature is not currently available in the EU, he notes that the Tesla Summon feature was not really activated for this video shoot (which was filmed in England) -- it's just a simulation for fun only.

Source: Arena Flowers - Flowers HQ

I'm convinced. Forget those mass market flower shops... I'm ordering from the Arena Flowers folks (see below) for my Valentine's Day gift this year! Hey, it's only £110,499.99, right? Okay... well, if that's too pricey they've got other options too. And, don't forget - we've got some other fun gifts for Tesla owners and Tesla fans too. And, if you'd like to win something for free, our contest ends on Valentine's Day at midnight, so, enter here to win some cool prizes.

Above: Arena Flowers, a family business where everyone owns a Model S!

Whatever you do, don't forget that Valentine's Day is only 10 days away, so don't wait until the last minute for a gift...