How good is the Tesla in snow and ice?.

Posted on March 01, 2023 by Matt Pressman

As the winter freeze continues, we decided to take another look at Tesla Model S performance in snow. We came across a Tesla Motors blog post* where one Model S owner, Willy Kalmanovitch, is effusive with praise over his Tesla's prowess in winter driving conditions. He explains, "After putting in a lot of research about the range on a Model S and its ability of driving in the mountains for skiing, I purchased a Model S 85D... [and] I have not driven another all-wheel drive vehicle that can compare."

Instagram: @thomasknutsen71

Willy continues, "In spite of the icy conditions, it felt as if I was driving on dry pavement with the Model S. The traction was amazing! I even performed a test panic stop which resulted in a rapid deceleration in a perfectly straight line... Even though the roads were less than ideal, it was an easy drive up to the mountains." He discusses the advantages of warming up his Model S using the Tesla app and the ease (and comfort) of free supercharging while getting a hot cup of coffee. His conclusion: "Model S’s dual motor all-wheel drive is an amazing winter driving experience!"

Instagram: @teslamotors

In addition, we've stumbled across other Model S owners proudly filming their Tesla in snow and ice. First, we've got to show you what one Tesla owner sent in to us... this looks like a lot of fun, check it out below.

Youtube: Endo

Next up, check out all-electric AWD that makes snow driving fun for shot courtesy of some Swiss Tesla Model S owners. Special thanks David Oreiro and Tesla Club Schweiz for this video published by Tesla Motors.

Source: Tesla Motors

Last, we can't leave out the Tesla Model X either -- there aren't many videos that have surfaced showing the Model X in snow, but, this video (with its dramatic music) demonstrates the "X" handling the winter weather with no trouble at all...

Youtube: rynoj726

In any event, rest assured your Tesla has the snow and ice handled. And, if you want something extra for added grip, you can always take a look at our super-popular Snow Chains. Be sure to bundle up, stay warm, and get maximum enjoyment out of driving electric in your Tesla this winter season.


*Source: Tesla Motors Blog

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