The evolution of Tesla design [Tesla Eye Candy 51]

In this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we take a look at the evolution of Tesla Motors design. Their first car design, the Tesla Roadster, according was a small, two-door sports car (originally based on Lotus Elise) built more for speed and less for functionality. On the other hand, the follow-up Tesla Model S sedan, was also built for speed yet was designed with far more spaciousness and better attention to ergonomics. The most recent introduction, the new Tesla Model X is an SUV with the open space of a mini-van and the "ludicrous" speed of a sports car. 

Our winning image today goes to Bonnie Norman, considered Tesla royalty, as she's an early Roadster and Model X buyer who took these amazing photos (see collage below) showcasing the design evolution of Tesla Motors. Also, be sure to scroll down to check out our curated gallery and watch a helpful video closely comparing the "the little things" that make the Model S different from the Model X....

Source: Bonnie Norman, NorCal Reno Tesla Owners

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For our featured Tesla Eye Candy video, a new Model X owner walks through the difference between the S and X, as Teslarati explains: "From the outside, the Tesla Model X crossover SUV shares similar dimensions and styling cues with the Model S sedan. Both vehicles are just shy of 200 inches in length, and both vehicles have front and rear axles situated on each end of the skateboard style floor-mounted battery, thus sharing similar wheelbase dimensions of 120 in (304.8 cm) for the Model X and a slightly shorter 116.5 (295.9 cm) for the Model S. Despite the similarities, there’s distinct differences in features and amenities between the electric crossover and sedan that could impact everyday practicality depending on your lifestyle." Let's check out the video for a closer look...

Source: JH Photography

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