A Tesla Model X visits the EVANNEX offices

No, not our Tesla Model X. Sigh... we still have a bit longer to wait for our delivery. But, yesterday we got an impromptu visit from Model X Signature owner #803, Mark Stern, who came by our offices to show off his much-coveted new Tesla SUV. He remarked that everywhere he goes, folks have been clamoring to get a look at the new Tesla. For us, it was really fantastic to see the car in-person and meet such a proud X owner. Mark loves his X so much he can't stop driving it, he's had it for 11 days and he's already put 1300 miles on it!

Above: That's me with Tesla Model X Signature owner, Mark Stern

It was great to get up close and personal with those falcon doors. They're dramatic and very functional, especially for those of us (all over 6 feet tall) to enter the vehicle. Note: we've discussed the features of the Model X and the outrageous speed before in this blog, but, seeing the vehicle in-person for the first time, I was especially struck by the little things. One of the things that struck me was the attention to design details. Even the small buttons for the falcon wing doors have a cool icon (see below). And, as the doors open upward, a subtle, elegant "Model X" polished black logo appears. It's luxurious, ergonomic, and quite gorgeous to behold in-person.

Above: the little details that prove the Model X designers' attention to detail.

Our Founder and Director of Engineering (and Dad, remember: we're a family business), Roger Pressman, got to analyze and evaluate the X for the very first time. He has some incredible products in the works for the Model X, so make sure you sign up HERE for the latest updates. Yes... we see some opportunities for enhancing the Model X with both aesthetic modifications and creature comforts that we think you'll like -- but, it's still "top secret" at this point.

Above: EVANNEX Founder/Director of Engineering, Roger Pressman

It turns out that Mark will be showing off his Tesla Model X in a private "reveal" for Florida Tesla Enthusiasts club members this weekend. If you're interested in seeing it (and you're local), contact us, and we can put you in touch with the Florida Tesla Enthusiasts club so that you can attend the event. We wanted to thank Mark for coming to our offices and showing us his new, breathtaking Model X. And, yes, we're very, very jealous of Mark's perfect License Plate (see below).

Above: Model X owner, Mark Stern

It's clear that the push behind Model X promotion and production has revved up. As a matter of fact, we're meeting another Model X owner later today and we've been seeing more and more on the streets in South Florida. And, by the looks of Tesla's latest Instagram post, production is humming along nicely -- it's in full swing at the Fremont factory...

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Source: Tesla Motors

As we encounter more Tesla Model X vehicles/news in the coming weeks, we'll keep you posted on both our impressions and some exciting aftermarket accessories we're developing in order to complement and enhance the vehicle. If you'd like to be the first to get new information on the Model X, contact us so that we can alert you on the latest news and new, in-the-works aftermarket accessories forthcoming.