The roar of silence [Tesla Eye Candy 53]

In this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we explore the power, elegance and grace of the Tesla Model S. No, the Model S doesn't require loud engine noise, clicking gears, and rumbling/uncomfortable vibration to prove its performance chops. Instead, Tesla proves the "roar of silence" with its superior torque and acceleration. Check out our favorite Instagram image (below left, from photographer Renáta Mia Köhlerová) that displays the quiet power of Tesla from none other than the "Voice of God" Morgan Freeman. And, watch Tesla's "quiet before the storm" in a stunning short film. Be sure to scroll below, to have a look...

Above: (left) Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman sporting his Tesla hat photographed by Renáta Mia Köhlerová; (right) Morgan Freeman is his Signature Red Tesla Model S / Source: mia.kohlerova; ValueWalk 

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And for our featured Tesla Eye Candy video, check out this Garstig & Solide Production in cooperation with University for Television and Film Munich, "Silence" - a spec-commercial for the Tesla Model S by director Minh Duong. Many owners of antiquated internal combustion engine technology whine about electric vehicles: "What about the noisy growl of the engine?" Instead, Tesla owners fall prey to the seductive roar of silence... best showcased in this new fan-made short film (see below).

Youtube: Garstig & Solide

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