Flying high: Tesla Model X meets the media

Since its launch the Tesla Model X has already taken home a few awards. But over the past few weeks, we've seen many in the media get a chance to review the Tesla Model X. In order to synthesize comments in the media thus far, we've provided a round-up of recent press on Tesla's new SUV. It's clear, the Tesla Model X is receiving some serious kudos. Don't believe us? You've got read what's being written about Tesla's latest vehicle to hit the streets...

Source: Business Insider

First, Business Insider explains: "We took the Tesla Model X SUV for a spin in Manhattan - and we were blown away... The word 'cool,' in its truest sense, is wildly overused when talking about cars, but the Model X is cool like a tall, beautiful drink." They explain, "With the Model X, Tesla has taken a people hauler and transformed it into modern art, inside and out. But you can still drive it to soccer practice or tow 5,000 lbs... The Model X is, frankly, a stunning piece of beautiful automotive engineering and design." They conclude: "This thing is, in a word, astonishing."

Source: Business Insider

Next up, The Street took on the SUV and proclaimed: "Tesla's Model X is mind blowing in how awesome its is... Not only does it handle like a dream, with suspension that automatically shifts depending on whether there are pot holes on the road, but it's just so smooth." They conclude: "From the Easter egg [see the second video below] in the software to the Falcon Wing doors to the tires that are so high you'd think they were holding Mount Olympus up, the Model X really is an achievement in both aesthetics and engineering."

Also, Men's Journal notes: "It's a rocket ship. The Model X may be almost 800 pounds heavier than the Model S, but it feels like a projectile at the ready... Stomp on the 'gas' pedal from a standstill and you hurdle forward faster than you ever dreamed." And they explain that the falcon wing door design, "allows for easy access for child seats, the elderly, the disabled, and anyone with claustrophobia. Their size changes how you feel about the dimensions of the Model X. Press the door handle and the doors begin to slide up, then fold out and up. It's like a Disney World ride."

Source: Men's Journal

Last, the New York Post explained that, "the world's most amazing car finally takes Manhattan... The sleek seven-seater — whose 'falcon-wing' doors drew gawkers at a Chelsea showroom Wednesday morning — wowed Tesla-philes by performing surprisingly sophisticated driving tasks on its own." And, although the NY Post didn't provide a full review of the Model X, they did interview a local Model X owner to get feedback on the SUV. What did they find? “The wait was totally worth it,” says 39-year-old Randy Faust, who said of Tesla Autopilot that, “it makes the whole experience of driving much more pleasurable.” Especially useful [in Manhattan] is the Model X’s ability to park and un-park itself in garage spaces that are too tight for stepping into and out of the car, he [Faust] says.

No doubt... the American media has been quite impressed with the newest offering from Tesla. So we're definitely looking forward to see how the Model X will be received in Europe -- and, so far, the reception has been stellar.