Tesla Model X wins awards and top honors

Will Tesla Motors' folllow-up to the Model S sedan, its new Model X SUV, be a winner? It's probably too soon to predict, but, early signs are promising. First, let's rewind. Its predecessor, the Tesla Model S, has achieved incredible praise since its launch back in 2012 winning an astounding number of awards and top honors. In fact, just this past week, Consumer Reports awarded its #1 and #2 spots in their "Best Cars of 2015" Top 10 List to both the Tesla Model S P85D and the base model Tesla Model S. Already, it appears that the new Tesla Model X SUV could also be poised to become a contender for some major automotive awards in 2016. In the past few weeks alone, the Tesla Model X has nabbed some impressive honors. Let's take a look at the early "reception" the Model X has received thus far...

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According to CNN Money, the Tesla Model X is the “new king of crossover SUVs” topping their list of Best Luxury SUVs of 2015. They explain: "Besides being all-electric, some versions are capable of going from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. That's an impressive feat even for a low-slung sports car, not to mention a vehicle with three rows of adult-sized seats. It's also got a curved wrap-over windshield and contortionist-nimble Falcon Wing doors that sense their surroundings as they open… as far as SUVs go, that's more than enough to make it a groundbreaker.

Source: CNN Money

Then, Bloomberg published their Best Luxury Cars to Buy in 2016 and the Tesla Model X won for the award for the Best SUV. Well… it actually tied for first place SUV with the Bentley Bentayga, but, with Bentley's price tag (MSRP) of $231,825 and the Model X starting at approximately $75,000, it's no contest when you consider the "bang for your buck" that Tesla Motors delivers with the Model X. Bloomberg raves, "Model X will have 250 miles of range and massive horsepower. Company founder Elon Musk has said it’ll hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds (even faster with Ludicrous mode) and will have a top speed of 155 mph. If true, that sprint time will beat the plush Bentayga... this will be the SUV to buy when you want something big—and earth-friendly. There’s currently nothing on the market like it. Consider it money well spent.

Next up... Business Insider 2015 Car of the Year awards -- and although the Tesla Model X didn’t win the top prize, that honor goes to the Volvo XC90, it was recognized as Finalist who "almost beat out the Volvo for the honor." Business Insider explains why: "The Tesla Model X crossover is one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles in recent memory… [and] The Model X is unique in the automotive world. Though there are plenty of electric vehicles on the road and even a couple of electric [PHEV] SUVs for sale, none of them live in the high-performance luxury realm normally occupied by the likes of Porsche, BMW, and Range Rover.” 

Source: Business Insider

Business Insider (BI) also recently explained why the “Model X has a crucial role to play for Tesla’s future.” BI's Matthew DeBord explains: “[Tesla CEO Elon] Musk has always been clear that the Model X is needed to get Tesla to the point where it can launch the Model 3, a mass-market vehicle that will make Tesla look less like Ferrari or Porsche and more like Honda or Toyota… In this sense, the Model X is a make-or-break proposition. If it succeeds, Tesla will become the first new carmaker to define a new market and establish the definition of a future market: first luxury electric cars, then mass-market EVs… [the Model X will help Tesla in] taking the electric car to what many believe should be its rightful place. The Model X is the bridge to that destiny. Everyone is thrilled that it's finally arrived.

And it's not just media outlets who are giving rave reviews. Early owners are thrilled with the Tesla Model X. If you’d like to check out some early Model X owners, we recommend you check out the most recent “News from the Frunk” episode and our round-up of Model X videos. We also wanted to include this latest Model X walk-around from new owner Hee Yoon, showing off many automotive "firsts" that are unique to the groundbreaking Model X

Source: Hee Yoon

With awards, acclaim, and top honors from critics and early owners, we're definitely excited to see how the Tesla Model X performs as major media outlets pit the new "X" against similar SUVs in the luxury segment. If the past few weeks of praise are any indication, it's likely the Tesla Model X will quickly pull ahead of the competition.