A letter from Planet Earth to the human race

Dear humans, I am sick. Sick and tired of your actions. I've tried to clue-you-in with “natural disasters,” and I've threatened you with climate change. I've even killed a few hundred million of you over the years with little viruses like the one kicking your a** right now.  

Above: Electric cars, solar, and battery storage might be a good idea right about now (Source: Tesla)

Despite decades of warnings you refuse to change. So by all means, PLEASE keep doing things the way you've always done them. Please keep electing leaders who support using the air and water as an open sewer.  Please keep burning everything you can pump, cut, drill or mine from the planet.  Please keep supporting the big-businesses who do these things by funding them with your retail dollars. Stay ignorant of advances in energy and technology. Cut funding to science and clean energy (and continue to subsidize Big Oil and the like.) 

I realize now that this is the quickest way to be rid of the infection of humans that has continued to plague me. 

I COULD wipe out your food supply by eradicating crops with some plague or “natural disaster,” but you'd probably all pull together for a little while, innovate your way around it, then go back to your entrenched old ways.  Really, the easiest and quickest way to get rid of you ALL is to just let you continue down the path you seem dead-set on keeping.

So ignore my warnings, ignore your smartest scientists.  Ignore the unlimited free energy coming from the sun.  Ignore all the new products that disrupt your centuries-old mentality. 

Go out and buy a new gas guzzling SUV.  Ignore the faster, cleaner, quieter, lower maintenance, more reliable, and more comfortable electric vehicles. 

Keep thinking that you are ENTITLED to a life that depletes me of all my resources. Keep fighting over fossil fuel. Keep up your bipartisan battles and destroy yourselves. Save me the effort of doing it for you.

A response from one of the naysayers in the most offensive country among many:

Wow!  The Earth sounds really pissed off!  Whose fault is it?  Government? The other voters? Half of the country is perpetually pissed off at who the other half “elected.”  But I'm just one vote. It’s not my fault. I'm powerless to change humanity, right?

Reply from an omniscient observer:

The solution is NOT to get out and vote for president (though going forward, shouldn't you do your best?)

In reality, you vote dozens of times a week for thousands of different agendas. Every time you buy a product, you are financing that industry. You get to vote multiple times a day. You vote with your money. You get to buy products that support positive change. So you do in fact have the power to change humanity and the world. 

The solution is SO simple! You don’t have to march on Washington or even be inconvenienced by taking a survey. All You have to do is make a choice. Where to spend your money. 


Guest Post: A long-time Tesla owner, Jonny Lee Tempest is an inventor, investor, retired Cirque Du Soleil Audio Engineer, certified Entertainment Electrician (ETCP-CEE) and member of MENSA. He's EPA Green Certified and set up a YouTube channel to demonstrate his experiments. Tempest also owns Net+Positive (netpositive.co), a non-profit for the advancement of clean energy, which has designed and built the world's fastest electric water ski boat, electric bikes and snowplow conversions.