What new technology could be coming inside a Tesla?

Posted on April 23, 2020 by Matt Pressman

Tesla is constantly advancing vehicle tech in its fleet via the company's over-the-air software updates. The Silicon Valley automaker remains at the vanguard of automotive tech including game-changing features like Autopilot and Summon. So what's Elon Musk dreaming up for the next generation of Teslas soon to hit the market? 

Above: Tesla's tech could soon transform in many ways (Image: Tesla)

Predicting future automotive tech can be somewhat difficult. Especially when it comes to Tesla. Sure, analyzing every one of Elon Musk's Twitter posts can provide some clues, but it's still fun to forecast (okay, WAG) what's coming. To that end, the folks over at CarRentals have created a cool, animated infographic in order to take a stab at what could be coming. 

They envision: "You summon your car to arrive at a storefront within minutes. Your car biometrically scans your face, unlocking the door. Once buckled in, your seatbelt checks your vitals and relays your health status on the dashboard. As you start to drive, a notification appears on your windshield noting a signal from a crash that happened seconds ago." 

To gain some perspective, looking back, "for over one hundred years, cars have been a fascinating, continuously evolving aspect of our lives. Every decade, we develop a breakthrough in car technology that supports improvements in safety, design and how we drive... [and now] with more vehicle power coming from batteries, induction motors and electric currents, the unimaginable is becoming a reality."

Looking ahead, features like multi-use facial recognition, biometric vehicle access, active health monitoring, reconfigurable body panels, and active window displays could completely transform the driving (and/or passenger) experience altogether. In order to get a better handle on what the future might hold, check out the infographic below.



Source: CarRentals

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