After China, Cybertruck embarks on its tour of Japan

After China, Cybertruck embarks on its tour of Japan

The US-based electric automaker Tesla (TSLA) took the Cybertruck for a tour of 8 Chinese cities last month. Now Tesla has brought the Cybertruck to Japan as well.

Pictures and videos of the Cybertruck on display in Tokyo, Japan emerged on X (Twitter) on the weekend. Tesla placed a Cybertruck on display outside the teamLab Planets digital art museum in Tokyo, Japan. The venue is the perfect place to show off something futuristic and artistic to the audience coming to this place.

Japanese enthusiasts surrounded the Cybertruck to take pictures and videos of the unconventionally-designed pickup truck they saw for the first time in real life.

Tesla Japan’s official account on X (Twitter) also posted a video of the Cybertruck’s tour of Japan. This video (below) shows the Cybertruck in different cities of Japan both indoors and outdoors.

Above: Teaser video of the Tesla Cybertruck on its exhibit tour of Japan.

Tesla will probably never launch the US version of the Cybertruck in Japan. As we reported in 2021, even a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y struggles to fit in Japan. So, how a Cybertruck would fit into the cramped metropolis space in Japanese cities?

A smaller version of the Cybertruck was teased by Elon Musk a few years ago. But this smaller-sized Cybertruck for Europe and Japan does not seem to be becoming a reality in the foreseeable future.

And for Japan, Tesla will have to manufacture a Right-Hand Drive (RHD) version of the Cybertruck and it seems near impossible right now. So, the Cybertruck’s exhibition in Japan is purely a promotional tour by the automaker. Gathered crowds will also be presented with the new Tesla Model 3 Highland compact electric sedan and Tesla Model Y electric SUV.

Above: Drone video of the Tesla Cybertruck on display outside teamLab Planets, Tokyo, Japan.

Tesla is currently exhibiting the Cybertruck in Tokyo at the teamLab Planets venue. Tesla shared the following details of the event on the exhibition tour’s website where you can also find the updated schedule, dates, and venues of the Cybertruck Japan tour.

A car that was once thought to be impossible to achieve, and that experts said would “never be possible”, has appeared in Japan. To commemorate the release in the US, we will be holding a Cybertruck Japan exhibition tour.

At the exhibition hall, we will exhibit the Cybertruck, the mid-size SUV Model Y currently on sale in Japan, and the new upgraded Model 3.
Please take this opportunity to experience Tesla’s latest vehicles.

Above: Pictures of the Tesla Cybertruck on display in Japan.


Featured image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Note: An earlier version of this article was published at Tesla Oracle. Author: Iqtidar Ali.