Tesla Unveils New 2-Seater Model Y for Businesses, Offering Enhanced Storage and Range

Tesla Unveils New 2-Seater Model Y for Businesses, Offering Enhanced Storage and Range

Tesla has taken a significant step in catering to the business sector by launching a new configuration of the Model Y, which features just two seats. This innovative design frees up an impressive amount of space in the back, offering a whopping 2,158 liters of storage capacity. Aimed primarily at businesses, this model promises to revolutionize how companies think about transport and custom vehicle solutions.


The announcement came from France, where Clément Maguet, Senior Account Manager at Tesla, revealed the details of this new vehicle on LinkedIn. According to Maguet, the 2-seater Model Y not only provides an immense storage area but also boasts an extended range of up to 565 km (351 miles) under the WLTP cycle. This range is notably about 30 kilometers more than the highest rated consumer version of the Model Y, making it an attractive option for businesses looking for efficiency and sustainability in their vehicle fleet.


One of the most compelling aspects of this new Model Y variant is its eligibility for commercial vehicle taxation benefits. In France, for instance, vehicles with 2 or 3 seats utilized for commercial purposes can enjoy exemption from the TVA tax. This tax advantage, combined with the vehicle's zero emissions, positions Tesla's latest offering as a lucrative choice for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.


Despite the buzz, Tesla has yet to disclose the price for this new version of the Model Y. Interested buyers are encouraged to reach out directly to Tesla’s fleet unit for more information. Currently, the vehicle is exclusively available in France, and there has been no word on whether Tesla plans to expand this program to other markets.


With France hosting a commercial vehicle fleet of approximately 6.3 million, predominantly diesel-powered vehicles, Tesla's move to introduce a more sustainable and efficient option could not be timelier. Maguet highlighted the significant opportunity to transform the country's commercial fleet with Tesla's cleaner, more advanced technology.


In an effort to showcase this groundbreaking 2-seater Model Y, Tesla is embarking on a tour of its stores across France. This initiative not only allows businesses to see the vehicle's potential firsthand but also reinforces Tesla's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.



Source: Electrek