Aussie Motoring Review: Tesla Model S is an astonishing car

Australia's Motoring* recently took the Model S P90D out for a spin in order to review Tesla's current top-of-the-line spec... that is — until the P100D hits the streets down under. They report: "a recent facelift has at least provided the opportunity to revisit the game-changing EV [electric vehicle] that’s been so warmly embraced... [with] neater looks, technical upgrades that further improve its on-road practicality (the top-spec P90D is now rated with an official range of 435km and charge time is reduced through the adoption of a new 48-amp charger), as well as an intriguing step forward in protection of occupant health via a new bio weapon defence mode."

Source: Motoring*

So what makes the Tesla Model S so special? "It is an astonishing car at so many levels. Absolutely one of the fastest-accelerating road cars available in Australia, it is as smooth as silk, agile and completely tractable across the performance spectrum in a way that belies its two tonne-plus weight... And there’s very little on the road that can challenge a Model S for wow factor."

Source: Motoring*

How does the Tesla Model S compare with other so-called competitors? "It’s a big car, a bee’s knee bigger than a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or BMW 5 Series, and is well suited to carrying five passengers... [but] an E-Class Benz, BMW 5 Series or Audi A6 would be reasonable alternatives if it were not for the Tesla’s deal-breaking fuel-free, emissions-free technology. And the P90D version overwhelms them all in terms of its sheer breadth of capabilities. AMG Benz? Pah! M series BMW? Not really. And when it comes to environmental footprint, even the best of hybrids come nowhere near its fundamental purity."

Source: Motoring*

Okay, so what does Motoring conclude after their test drive in the Tesla Model S P90D? "There’s so many levels for experiencing the Tesla Model S: Its unbelievable speed, its street credibility and its bordering on bizarre inclusions such as the almost-paranoid bio weapon defence. But take the initial jollies away and the big Tesla remains a brilliant car.... It’s little surprise that those who own (at least) one appear to be generally besotted. I’ve driven many cars I’ve been reluctant to hand back after living with them for a week, but the Tesla Model S P90D towers above them all."


*Source: Motoring