Supercar or Muscle Car: How to classify the raw power of a Tesla Model S [Video]

We're floored by news this week of the Tesla Model S P100D supercar level performance. Racing 0-60 MPH in a blistering 2.5 seconds clearly gives the P100D supercar status. But... should we also call the Model S a muscle car? Let's not forget — other Tesla variants are mighty powerful too. Having spent a lot of time at the Palm Beach International Raceway, I've seen the Model S shock the drag racing crowd many, many times. Case in point: let's check out the Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode challenging iconic all-American muscle cars. 

Image: Car Scoops*

As reported by Car Scoops*, "The Palm Beach International Raceway played host to this 2016 facelifted Tesla Model S P90D flagship as it went up against powerful opponents such as the Corvette Z06 and the Mustang. Where battle-hardened muscle cars such as the Mustang or the Corvette might have been liking their chances against the Model S before Tesla gave it more power last year, now the P90D stands supreme as the type of car very few automakers are capable of challenging in a straight line."


Youtube: DragTimes

Can a Tesla P90D take the throne from these iconic all-American muscle cars? "As for what went down on the drag strip, while the Z06 seemed to struggle, the Mustang did put up a really good fight, which is also reflected on paper after the first race. Nevertheless, the way in which the P90D accelerates is just as impressive as always — especially when viewed from the car-mounted camera... Oh and as for that 80's Camaro trying its luck at the end, feel free to feel sorry for it even before you get to watch how it all ended." Okay, but what about Tesla versus the infamous all-American drag racing champ, the Dodge Hellcat? Oh, that score was already settled a long time ago.

Image: The Drive

We know — the Model S is elegant, luxurious, sophisticated, and silent. How can anyone really call it a muscle car? Let's give credit to Thrillest who, earlier this year, proclaimed: "What I'm about to say might be offensive to anyone who came of age idolizing some of the greatest American cars ever built, but it needs to be said. The Tesla Model S is a muscle car, straight up. Frankly, when viewed through that lens, it's a damned good one... it's time to admit that it's part of a new era for American muscle." Okay, I'm guessing you'll need more evidence that Tesla has true muscle car street cred. So check out this Tesla vs. muscle cars video (see below) published just last week...


Youtube: Tesla Racing Channel

Even though this video (see above) doesn't feature the newer refresh Tesla, according the Tesla Racing Channel, "Piedmont Dragway and the 7.49 Dial in race bring you a great video racing in the Electric Ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D Model taking down muscle cars one after another." Yes, even the older P85D flexes some serious muscle on the track. So, it's official, we're crowning Tesla Motors "King of American muscle cars" after watching these videos — all it's competitors were left for dead.

Instagram: @baybeepanda123

That said, Car Scoops looks towards Tesla's future and concludes, "With that in mind, we can't wait to see what the P100D will be capable of." And now, after news this week that the P100D supercar is the quickest production car in the world, it'll be fun (and totally ludicrous) to watch the Tesla P100D leave American, Japanese, Italian, and German production cars in the dust. 


*Source: Car Scoops